Tips For Fighting Harassment

We don’t need or deserve to be harassed.  Each of us are equal and we are looking to achieve our own personal goals, live the life we want to live and more.  However, more and more people are experiencing harassment at work santa barbara ca.  This needs to be addressed and using these tips will help move us forward.

Don’t live in fear

Fear is what people use when they want to achieve control.  They will look for the weakest or most vulnerable part of your personality and use it against you.  In some cases they may get some dirt on you or find something that they can manipulate or use against you. Don’t’ let them do this.  Don’t live in fear.  Stand up, say no and let them come out with it.  There is nothing worse than living with fear.

Document everything

harassment at work santa barbara ca

If you are harassed document it.  People want to proof to show others.  When it comes to harassment, record the situations with a recording device.  Today we have recording devices on our phones, computers and all around us.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are being harassed move it to somewhere you can document the situation.

Avoid those involved

This may be harder in some situations than in others.  However, eventually you will need to take action and just avoid these people. 

Find a spy

Find a spy or a buddy that can be near you or complete a specific set of actions when you give a signal or keyword.  This can be walking to an area around your desk where they can hear what they are saying or even where they can record the situation.  Together you can help break the cycle.

Don’t stop fighting

Never stop fighting.  You have rights and if people don’t want to believe you find those that will.  You need to fight for your rights otherwise you don’t have them.