Important Information Concerning Workers Compensation Insurance: What You Should Know

If you are injured while at work, immediately report the incident to your supervisor and fill out an incident report. Workers compensation is available to workers injured on the job, even when they’re at fault for the accident. This insurance is in place to ensure that injured workers get the medical treatment they need and in many cases, time for lost wages.

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However, there are rules and regulations set worth for employees to follow to receive workers compensation baltimore md after a workplace injury occurs. The first is reporting the incident to a supervisor. If medical attention is needed, you’ll also need to visit a physician of the workplace’s choosing. After this initial visit you may visit the doctor of your choice if more care is necessary.

There are time limits in place of filing a workers compensation claim as well. You cannot report a week-old accident to your boss and expect workers compensation to help. You must report the incident immediately.  If you are injured, you need medical care and shouldn’t wait to get the care. If you do, don’t expect the company to pick up the bill or expense for this. What happens if the accident occurs when off property?

Workers compensation insurance covers injuries and accidents that occur to any employee who is on the clock, regardless of the location that it occurs. So, if you are a driver for a company and are involved in an accident as you drive a product, insurance kicks in to help. You won’t need an attorney to file a claim. Many people do consult lawyers if their claim is denied, however, since it’s oftentimes a simple error that caused the denial that the lawyer can fix.